Hot Buttered Jesus and his Sweet & Sour Soul Batter

Welcome to the inaugural music/mp3 post from the Fat Fingers of Justice.  From now on, I will occasionally regale you with audio offerings.  Some will be like the soft fur of the panda cub’s touch – delicate, indoor-music to sleep to or to fall asleep crying to.  Others will be like a belligerent brute, noisy and raw.  There will be much funk and soul.  Still other delights will not even be music, but speeches, obscure former disc jockeys, or spoken word performances.  On holidays, perhaps fart sounds and showtunes.  In other words, in maintaining the consistency of this blog, there will be no consistency.

Hot Buttered Jesus and His Sweet & Sour Soul Batter would be a great name for a Christian funk band.  Unfortunately, it is a name which will never be applied, ever.  The reason is simple:  there is no Christian funk music.

While there is a Christian version of nearly every musical genre, funk and Christianity simply do not jive.  There is Christian rap, rock, punk, dance/techno, folk, heavy metal and ska.  There is probably not Christian noise rock, but that’s another beast entirely.

Jesus funk?  No way.  Impossible.  Funk is inherently, well, just too funky.

And this guy?  I’m pretty sure George Clinton missed today’s church services.

Stop being so stingy with the funk. Give it up. Don't make him ask you twice.

Speaking of, you should not fear giving up the funk.  Just because you give it up does not leave you funk-less.  Funk is a renewable resource, much like solar energy, and one’s capacity for funk storage is bound only by one’s ability to get up and/or down.  If the oil companies did not have our nation’s leaders on the payroll, this country could be running on funk as an alternative, albeit nasty, energy source.  But I digress…

Today’s musical selection comes from Funkadelic, the psychedelic soul band led by George Clinton.  Before Clinton made the full sonic leap to p(ure)-funk with Parliament and Parliament Funkadelic, there was simply Funkadelic.  Formed in 1968, the band was more psych-rock than funk, with Jimi Hendrix and LSD as obvious influences.  The band’s sound was a revolutionary mix of Eddie Hazel’s gnarly guitar solos, mutated Motown soul (Clinton was once a staff songwriter for the label) and Clinton’s trippy funk vocabulary and otherworldly one-liners.

“What is Soul” is the final track on their eponymous debut album, released in 1970.  It’s truly a mess of a song, and completely dense with awesome shit, and Clinton dropping classic lines with a madness.  I’m not sure I could regurgitate the true meaning of soul, but some sample lyrics:

What is soul?

I don’t know

Soul is a ham hock in your corn flakes

Soul is also “the ring around your bathtub” and “a joint rolled in toilet paper.” 

Listen, and take notes.

Funkadelic – What is Soul

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  1. LP

    What about Jehovah’s Witness Funk? See: Larry Graham and Prince. They’ve been spotted going door to door in the Minneapolis area to spread the word as the world’s coolest J-Dubs.

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