You Know who Doesn’t Get Saluted Enough?

Those who drunkenly stuff sandwich meat in their mouths at 2 in the morning.

Those are some heroes right there.
Braving the harsh glow of the refrigerator, courageously opening the in-the-moment complexly-sealed plastic container, navigating the obtuse geometry of folded meat slices through a drunken mouth – these are the warriors in the shadows.

And by God, I boldly step out of those shadows to join my brothers and sisters in (probably flabby) arms.

Because sometimes sandwiches are just too hard to deal with, an Everest to a body barely capable of a mole hill, and I’ll unashamedly have a deli mustard chaser with my shot of ham-sandwich meat, thank you very much.



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3 responses to “You Know who Doesn’t Get Saluted Enough?

  1. I laughed so hard at the first sentence in your post! XD
    I eat after every night of going out and drinking. And I regret nothing.
    I usually stop by a Gyros store, or fish and chips, or just chips, or the carton wrapper that comes with the chips. It’s all good.

    • Thanks for reading it, and glad it made you laugh! I admit that I do often regret it, but mostly when I don’t really remember it, and my only evidence is waking up next to a strange, half-eaten sandwich the next morning. Like, “how’d you get here?” It’s a good thing I’m not committed to one sandwich, or I’d be a terrible, no good sandwich partner.

      And haha, yes, sometimes a carton wrapper can become collateral damage to a bout of drunken eating.

  2. Always better on the way down tho’

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